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What should I do to make sure my new or used car lasts a long time & runs efficiently? Will my engine be damaged during my long drives?
Why does the Check Engine light keeps coming on even after replacing parts? Did the new distributor & coil decrease my acceleration? Replacing wheels involves more than checking tire size & lug pattern.
Will I have problems getting a discontinued auto brand or model repaired or getting parts once it is out of production? Was the Cash-For-Clunkers program a good deal? Is it possible to connect a sub and amplifier to the head unit in my 2006 SVZ?
Why won't my manual transmission shift out of gear? Why does my vehicle's security system shut down the engine since I changed the battery? What should I do to properly store my car for several months?
How can I re-index wiper blades? How much should I offer for this car? Why does my car stall when I turn on my air conditioner?
Why does my car over-heat at stop lights? Why does the gas pump's auto-shut off activate before my vehicle is filled? After being vandalized, how can the burnt smell be removed from inside my car?
Why do the windows get frosted on the inside when I leave the vehicle? Why are my transmission's shift points so low? Why does my automatic transmission sometimes pops out of gear?
What would cause an engine/transmission to jerk only when not yet hot? How can I connect my LEDs? How important are AWD & 4x4 in snow?
How can I change the units back from metric to English? Why does my battery light flicker? Why does my battery keep dying?
Why does my car veer when I hit a bump? What is this baffle? Why is there no air blowing from any vents?
Why won't the back-up lights go on? My car ran for 7 hours. Why do the back up lights stay on?
How can I learn what grade of gas to use? Why do my A/C & heater only blow from the defroster's vents? What could cause flickering lights?
How do I know if my car has bad ball joints? Why does the low oil pressure light come on? Is it OK to store tires for a few years?
What's causing this horrific smell coming from my air conditioner? I just replaced the radio. Why does my car not start over time? Why is this used car being sold so inexpensively?
What could cause this clicking sound? How can I turn the DTR lights off? What is causing this intermittent beeping?
Where are the oxygen sensors located? Why won't my wiper turn off? What is the best way to drive down a long, steep hill?
Why does my engine die when I stop at intersections? Why did my car loose power while driving? Why is my engine misfiring on two cylinders?
How serious can a blown head gasket be? Why won't my automatic transmission engage or disengage? What might cause this thud when I turn?
Why is the chassis squeaking? What might performance-type mufflers do for my car? Why does my oil light come on and then go off?
What might cause these swooshing and squeaking noises? Am I no longer allowed to smoke in my car? About day-time running lights....
Where is the brake fluid going? Why do the warning lights continue to flash? Where could the gas be leaking from?
What is this rattling sound in the fan area? Why is antifreeze leaking out of where? If I pull this fuse, will it stop that function?
Many choices, but what is best for us? Why do the fuses on this circuit keep burning out? Should I also bleed the brake fluid?
What is this apparently A/C-originated hissing sound? Why does my airbag light stay lit? To repair or to not repair? That is the question.
Why is my transmission difficult to shift? Whose responsibility is it to pay? What could this ticking be?
Is it OK to drive with the wrong oil in my engine? Why does my A/C squeal sometimes? Can braking hard damage something?
Why is my air bag cover wavy & wrinkling? Why is the car's power going dead? Why don't my brake lights go off?
Why is it sputtering? What's making this wheel tick? What is my gas mileage likely to be?
Is there a communications problem between my car's computer and the state inspection equipment? Is there a second fuel filter? Is there a sensor problem?
What might cause the front wheels and the steering wheel to shake? Could this be mildew or mold? How do I remove this motor cover?
Why is my car shaky after starting and during low-speed running? Why do fuses repetitively blow? Is there a vacuum line problem?
Why do the lights flicker? What marquee carried a fleur de lis? What squeaking brakes... and why?
What might be the intermittent electrical connections here? Why does my manual transmission stick and won't shift in or out of gear? Why are my car's name plate & model identifiers positioned differently?
Why does my car die as it slows down? How do I replace the seat cables? What might this hissing sound be caused by?
Why do some dash lights stay on until the car warms up? Why does my car shake when I apply the brakes? Why does my engine quit while running?
What can I do about my car's peeling paint? What cars are available with bench seats to accommodate access from my wheelchair? Why won't the shift light go out?
Why does my A/C squeal? How can I remove the ignition key? Why does my radio light up but not play?
What brand & types of disc brakes? Is the factory wiring harness complete? Neutral Safety Switch
What is scraping during acceleration? I need advice on installing an upgrade. How should I park on a hill?
What is wrong with this wiring? Will these rims fit my car? Can dealers sell used cars without a spare tire?
Why might my check engine light stay on? Why does my car hesitate at low speeds before accelerating? Why do my dome lights stay on?
It starts, dies, starts & dies again. What might cause this rumbling, grinding noise? Somewhere sometimes in the engine compartment there is a metallic grinding noise.
Can I swap turbos? How about this transmission swap? What grade of gasoline is best?
Why won't my car start? How important are tracking rods? Why does it continue to overheat?
I wonder about my car's 4-wheel drive. Why do the fuses keep blowing? What is causing these intermittent electrical problems?
Is there an additive to boost my gasoline's octane? Why does this engine seem to have no spark? Why won't the new transmission shift?
What is causing the weird smell in my A/C vents? Why are my gauges jumping around? My car clicks but won't start.
Why does my car idle roughly? Are these automatics shifting the way they should? Why does my car just click and not start?
Why won't my car shut off or start after it warms up? Why such poor gas mileage? Why do my brake lights stay on?
Why does my engine rock? What should I now do to remove this shock? Why do new fuses keep blowing?
My car sometimes get stuck in gear. What causes my car to thud and shudder when I brake? When I make a turn it seems like the brakes apply themselves and my car slows down.
How can I repair scratches in my windshield? What type of oil should I use? What might cause my vehicle's left front wheel to bounce uncontrollably when it hits a bump?
What causes this hard shift sound in my car? Does my car have a manifold vacuum leak? Can I mix engine coolants?
My vehicle has a squeaky serpentine belt. I cannot fill my gas tank. What can I do to increase my gas mileage?
Where is my car's link? My Mitsubishi died at a stop light and now won't start. My car almost dies at stop signs but idles fine in parking gear.
Can I wait to replace my ball joint? My Mustang hesitates, produces a smell, looses power & I need an accurate diagnosis. My power steering is failing but how can I determine what parts need replacement?
My radio & horn don't' work since I cut the dome light wire. Why doesn't my cigarette lighter socket work? What is causing the misfiring under load at higher RPMs?
What causes black smoke to come out of the exhaust when starting the car? Why does my engine die every 2 miles? How about this idea for a motor swap?
How do I know what oil to not use? Why doesn't the third -- top center -- brake light work? Running Lights Off, Turn Signal On
What is the squeaking that occurs when I start to depress my clutch? If the front brake pads are worn, are the rears also? What might a very shaky at higher speeds steering wheel indicate?
My vehicle has flickering lights. What could we have damaged by reversing polarity while jumping the battery on my car? What could it mean that the used car I may buy has had its speedometer cluster replaced?
Does my car really need an oxygen sensor? Are these computer problems or various sensors & mechanical difficulties with my car? My car's gas pedal must be pumped to keep the car running.
Before I replace any more parts, could my car have an EGR problem? Should I change transmission fluid in my car? Is over-revving a sign my car's has a worn out clutch?
It sounds like my car is having a hard time shifting. My car's air bag light stays on. What might cause a squeaky sound in my car's engine compartment?
Oil-soaked plugs plague this car? What are some factors that make pulling power vary on 2 & 4-wheel vehicles? What's the strange hissing sound from my car's brakes?
My truck starts cold, but not hot. Specifications for a what? Why does my car fail its emissions test each year?
Why won't my car start? Some questions regarding paint, caps, and belts -- especially for my vehicle. What could make this scraping noise in my car?
Did a fuse that protects the A/C compressor blow when I jumped my car? How can I add horsepower to my car? Should I rebuild & replace the head on my car that already has 138K miles?
Why does the dome light fuse keeps blow on my car? What causes blue smoke while starting? Why won't my car start?
Why have my 2003 Chevrolet Malibu turn signals failed? What might cause this 2005 Dodge Caravan to stall? Why, after inspection, do my car's brakes make a thumping noise?
How can I restore the paint color on my vehicle's plastic bumper? Why does my car shake over 60 mph? How do they name car models? ...especially mine!
Vibrations & lack of power describe my car. Here's an A/C question regarding my vehicle. OBD scanner codes for my car mean what?
What will worn shocks do to my car's ride? Fuel system problems on this may be a safety issue. I need wiring information on my car.
My 1996 Ford Ranger automatic transmission's shift mechanism has failed. Why does my car hesitate and die suddenly until it reaches speed and warms up? Can I use a lower grade of gas?
What does the hold indicator indicate on my car? How might water leak into my car? What might cause intermittent starting of my vehicle?
What are the trade-offs in gas mileage & performance? This transmission removal is stuck on what? Can my car accept a larger tire?
Mirror Images? My car's clutch actuator mount broke. A key for this car's wheel locks was lost.
What with this oil pressure & windows? How can I figure out how to set the timing? The headlights failed on my car.
Why do electrical blackouts plague accessories & headlights on this car? A girl asks about something to do with her car's power steering. This car is stranded in England suffers from dying revs.
My car has a very smart heater motor. After hitting a curb, on e wheel on my car is sticking out further. Does anyone know about maintenance?
My car won't stop starting. My car's accelerator pedal became stuck. If this, then what for my car's exhaust sound?
Cooling system problems persist on my 1991 Audi 200 20v Quattro. Coolant & oil are mixing in the engine. My car's engine revs high in neutral but fails to accelerate smoothly.
Can I transplant my car's engine & other parts into a another? My car clicks. Why -- under acceleration -- does my car swerve to the right?
How can I install a turn signal bulb when it is not straightforward? Why won't my car's wipers engage? The HVAC unit remains powered even after my car's ignition is turned off.
Why can't I fill my without the pumps shutting off several times before it is totally filled? Why does my car drags heavily in reverse? Why does this car drives itself?
Does my car has a traction control and ABS problem? Can the A/C compressor make my car idle irregularly? Does my vehicle need a new thermostat to make it reach regular operating temperature in very cold weather?
I will just ask my dealership and manufacturer's Customer Service to repair our nearly-new 2007 Cobalt's peeling paint. What happened to my car's mass air flow sensor? Could the electrical system have a bad circuit that is causing fuses to blow on my car?
Could our car's front end noises be caused by worn bushings? Does the dealer have a service bulletin on this subject? About my car's timing belt... I want a loud muffler for my hot car.
My car may need new bushings -- or does it need an alignment? How do I shift my SUV between 2 & 4-wheel drive modes? How can I get more power for my car? 
The transmission linkage on my light truck seems out of alignment or loose. My car has a wheel or two out of balance & I need to add power steering fluid to stop the squealing noise. My car has a clogged fuel filter, my writing has some shortcomings, & I forgot to say please.
My car's gears make a whiny sound. What problems and costs should I expect if I buy this used vehicle? What could cause my car's whine?
My car's ignition switch fails to turn off the accessories. Is it dead or is the cold causing a drain on my vehicle's battery? Does the timing chain cover gasket needs to be replaced on my car?
Does my vehicle has an intake vacuum leak or mass air flow sensor that needs cleaning? How should I park uphill to avoid damaging the transmission? Why does my car need to be jump-started even with a new battery?
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